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Discover the creative possibilities of a unified operating system.

Assembly Hackathon 2023

This year’s Assembly Hackathon has the highest prize pool on Urbit ever. Are you prepared to rise to the challenge, showcase your skills, and claim victory?

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Urbit provides foundational primitives at the operating system layer, serving as a better platform for building networked, decentralized applications.


Identity is built-in at the lowest level of the stack – say goodbye to auth systems.

Functional Network

Immutable, functional programming across the entire OS and network

Built-in Database

Every piece of state in your application is persistent, always

Peer-to-Peer Applications

Urbit makes robust peer-to-peer applications easy to build

Open Distribution

Distribute software directly to users — you are your own app store

Web Interfaces

Urbit applications can be built on any interface framework, including the web

Thanks to this architecture, you can take software into production within weeks rather than months.

Quickstart: Lightning Tutorials

Jump right in and build an app in under a half hour.

Groups Application

Build an app to create public or private groups

Encrypted Chat Application

Build your own secure comms tool

Ring Signature Voting App

Build an anonymous voting app for groups


Learn the foundations of software development on Urbit with our core curriculum of guides and workbooks.

Hoon School

Learn the fundamentals of the Hoon programming language

App School

Learn how to build Urbit userspace applications by writing your own Gall agents

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Want an interactive experience to truly learn software development on Urbit?
Join the next cohort for Hoon or App School Live and learn with a group.

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The developer community is friendly, helpful, and organized from within Urbit itself.


There are many bright minds happy to answer your questions.

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Urbit is growing and there are many opportunities to find a job, grant, or funding for your great idea.

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Rune Utilization in Hoon


January 12, 2023

The Nested Core Design Pattern (As Seen Through `++abet`)

N E Davis~lagrev-nocfep

November 18, 2022

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