The developer community is a combination of top-down stewardship from the Urbit Foundation and Tlon, as well as organic, bottom-up coordination from unaffiliated enthusiasts.

The Forge is a community-run Landscape group (~middev/the-forge) focused on all things related to Urbit development. Its members consist of enthusiasts, Tlon and Foundation developers, and grant workers. It’s also a great repository of community-compiled knowledge of common issues and development techniques.

The Urbit Foundation makes direct investments of address space into the community as a means of improving the network. The Foundation also maintains developer documentation, runs Developer Calls, and acts as the hub of the Urbit ecosystem. You can find us hanging around in the Foundation group in Landscape (~wolref-podlex/foundation).

Tlon is the primary developer of Urbit itself and the foremost product developer within the Urbit ecosystem. They’ve been developing Urbit since 2013 and are naturally a great source of information. They maintain the most popular Landscape groups, Urbit Community (~bitbet-bolbel/urbit-community) and Urbit Index (~bollug-worlus/urbit-index).


Our community is comprised of individuals, all of whom happen to be pretty friendly. Here’s a list of prominent figures you’ll likely encounter that are open to being contacted:

Executive Director, Urbit Foundation
Partnerships, grants, employment opportunities, technical projects, Urbit Foundation
CEO, Tlon
Partnerships, employment opportunities, geodesic domes, future of Urbit
Technical Director, Urbit Foundation
Userspace development, grants
Technical Director, Urbit Foundation
Urbit education
Program Manager, The Combine
Urbit entrepreneurship, organizational grants
Content Manager, Urbit Foundation
Content grants, newsletter, blog
Developer Relations, Urbit Foundation
Grants, meetups, gifts, Developer Calls
Technical writer and mentor, Urbit Foundation
Developer documentation, developer support
CTO, Tlon
Infrastructure development, Arvo, apprenticeships
Senior infrastructure engineer, Tlon
Infrastructure development, Vere, Arvo
Senior infrastructure engineer, Tlon
Infrastructure development, Arvo, software distribution
Others: ~palfun-foslup, ~littel-wolfur, ~lavlyn-litmeg,~mocrux-nomdep, ~sicdev-pilnup