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Urbit Developers


The developer community is a combination of top-down stewardship from the Urbit Foundation and Tlon, as well as organic, bottom-up coordination from unaffiliated enthusiasts.

The Urbit Foundation makes direct investments of address space into the community as a means of improving the network. The Foundation also maintains developer documentation, runs Developer Calls, and acts as the hub of the Urbit ecosystem. You can find us hanging around in the Foundation group.

Tlon is the original vehicle for Urbits development and remains the primary product developer in the ecosystem. They’ve been developing Urbit since 2013 and are naturally a great source of information. They maintain the most popular Landscape groups, Urbit Community and Urbit Index.


Our community is comprised of friendly individuals, both independent and part of a variety of organizations

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Urbit is growing and there are many opportunities to find a job, grant, or funding for your great idea

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There are a variety of Urbit groups as well as a mailing list where you can ask questions and get timely answers

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