Urbit Developers


Quickstart: Lightning Tutorials

Build an application on Urbit in 15 minutes with these instant application guides.

Encrypted Chat Application

Build your own secure comms tool

Ring Signature Voting App

Build an anonymous voting app for groups

Core Curriculum

The following guides will teach you everything you need to know to start building applications on Urbit.

Environment Setup

Learn how to get your urbit development environment configured

Hoon School

Learn the fundamentals of the Hoon programming language

App School

Learn how to build Urbit userspace applications by writing your own Gall agents

App School II (Full Stack)

Learn how to create Gall agents and integrate them into a React front-end

Additional Guides

Writing Aqua Tests

Learn to write tests with Aqua

CLI Apps

Learn to build command line applications

Using the HTTP API

Learn how to interact with ships through Eyre’s web API

Working with JSON

Learn how to handle this common data standard in Urbit


Learn to parse text with Hoon

Sail: HTML in Hoon

Learn the basics of Sail

Distributing Software

Learn to publish a desk that others can install

Working with Strings

Learn about Hoon’s two main string types

Writing Unit Tests

Learn to write unit tests in Hoon


Learn to write asynchronous I/O functions