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We’ve revamped the documentation and guides.

June 29, 2022

The Urbit docs have evolved a lot over the years. Some of this has been due to changes in the audience—for instance, early docs were voiced towards core kernel developers. Other changes have been made as we've rolled out new features, such as the 2020 Ford Fusion project or the more recent Azimuth L2 implementation. As the docs have continued to evolve, we've worked hard on putting out quality tutorials and curriculum that make Urbit easier for new developers and old alike to figure out what they need to take their projects forward. We've also seen a growing fractionation of the Urbit userbase into regular users, power users, and developers, all of whom have slightly different requirements.

We have migrated and reorganized our coursework, our reference documentation, and our developer site to better reflect the needs of these communities. The upgraded now houses the one-stop-shop for programmers, allowing and to better speak to particular user groups besides Hoon programmers.

This site now contains:

  1. Overview outlines the Urbit project from a technical standpoint.
  2. Guides span the written Hoon School and App School (formerly Gall Guides), as well as a new feature we're introducing called Lightning Tutorials, which will discuss how to quickly implement basic app functionality.
  3. Reference hosts the language and standard library documentation: Nock, Hoon runes and standard library, Arvo, Azimuth, and the runtime.
  4. Courses are landing pages for Hoon School Live and App School Live, the cohort-based versions of Hoon School and App School.
  5. Community includes developer events and support.

There are often growing pains with new websites, so if you find a dead link or are certain there was a reference for something and you just can't put your finger on it anymore, drop us a line on Github or Urbit.

Header image by Margaret Bourke-White.

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