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App Workshop Live

App Workshop will serve as a hands-on intensive course to build high-quality Urbit apps ready for end users. It serves as a follow-on to App School with more focus on building complex apps.

This course will cover a span of more complex programs and prepare students to write and publish sophisticated production-quality apps and app suites that leverage Urbit's platform. AWL is architected pairing content overview lessons with guided tutorials. Compared to Hoon School and App School, there is less scaffolding and more telling you where to look.

The first cohort for App Workshop Live will take place in spring 2023, starting on April 12.

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Until then, feel free to work through the App Workbook.

App Workshop is expected to consist of the following lessons:

  • awl0. 🖧 Server Actions: serving a web page, using third-party libraries, provisioning a CDN agent
  • awl1. ✂ Command Line: work with %shoe and %sole to build CLI apps
  • awl2. 🖪 Filesystem: utilize Clay's affordances as a version-controlled typed file system
  • awl3. 🖭 Database Structures: build the backend for a toy example of an Urbit-based database
  • awl4. 🖴 Database Operators: build a CLI for database operations
  • awl5. 🖵 Front End: implement more sophisticated React-based responsive webapps
  • awlx. ★ Challenge Exercises: complete a specified capstone project to take your AWL crown

The structure of AWL will be slightly different. We will have biweekly 90-minute working sessions (lecture and discussion) with an expected 10–12 hours per week of homework per lesson.