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Hoon School Live

Periodically, the Urbit Foundation has offered synchronous cohort classes which cover the Hoon School curriculum.

If you prefer to learn as part of a group with a hands-on instructor, regular exercises and discussions, and a completion certification, then Hoon School Live will be a good fit for you. We seek to offer it a few times a year.

By completing Hoon School Live as a cohort student, you should be able to read and interpret most nonspecialist Hoon code, produce useful standalone code, and explain subject-oriented programming. We omit some of the written Hoon School content for time, but you should be well-equipped to understand the optional lessons.

The next cohort will begin in June 2023.

Until then, feel free to work through the Hoon School docs.

What will you learn?

  • hsl0. 🌺 Hoon Syntax
  • hsl1. 🌿 Hoon Conventions
  • hsl2. 🌵 Text & Lists
  • hsl3. 🌳 Loops & Addresses
  • hsl4. 🌻 The Subject
  • hsl5. 🍁 Molds & Doors
  • hsl6. 🌹 The Standard Library
  • hsl7. 🌲 Managing State